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Who We Are

We are Kinetix Lab Philippines

Kinetix Lab is a strength and conditioning training facility intent at making you STRONGER from all fronts. We believe that STRENGTH is the foundation on which all other aspects of physical fitness are rooted. Hence, the stronger you are the more manageable it is to positively affect and improve body composition, general health and sports performance. Moreover, we are resolute with the fact that the physical strength that you develop within the walls of our facility also empowers YOU at the mental, emotional and psychological level.

Understand that we are driven by our passion for STRENGTH. We’ve personally experienced how getting stronger can change a person’s life. We know, feel and understand this process so well because we’ve been through it. To that fat kid who is working on losing weight to look and feel better, we are with you. To that mom who finds “me” time in exercising, we are with you. To that broken hearted dude who finds release in lifting weights, we are with you. To that aspiring professional athlete working on his or her game to make their dream come true, we are with you. And finally, to you who is reading all of these and has no idea what we are talking about and yet feel that there is something special here, maybe, just maybe this is the place for you. The passion is there, it needs to be fed. It needs a place of its own. To that we say, we are here for you.

What We Offer

Kinetix Lab Programs



General Fitness Program






Kinetix Lab was established with one intent in mind: to make you stronger. Our system of training is devised in such a way that it allows sufficient flexibility to address a variety of fitness and performance goals all the while staying true to our core training philosophy. These programs are formulated and carried out by our highly qualified coaches with relevant academe backgrounds, international credentials and competitive sports experience.

One privilege of being a member of our facility is that all members undergo a fitness assessment upon enrolment. These battery of tests are designed to establish a baseline of fitness and exercise proficiency. The outcome of the assessment shall be analysed and carefully considered by our coaches so as to make the necessary exercise recommendations.

Our Philosophy

Core Pillars

Kinetix Lab is passion realized. Anyone who is passionate about anything considers all the facets that will allow sustainable growth and continuous progress. We firmly believe in providing the best tools in order to execute a variety of exercise activities. The equipment available in our facility provides significant leverage in terms of the quantity of exercise programs that can be carried out and the quality of results that can be elicited. On the instruction side, having highly qualified coaches carrying out science based exercise or training programs can only further our efforts in making people stronger and better. Being professionals means staying true to our promises and delivering what is expected of us.

We always strive for excellence and with that we are a big proponent of executing the basics with profound efficiency. Excellence doesn’t mean complicated while simple doesn’t mean easy. You can find comfort in the fact that are we are constantly looking for ways to update and upgrade our services, skills and facility. Our competency is only validated by your success that is why we do things with so much pride and integrity.

Kinetix Lab believes in


Having Internationally qualified and accredited coaches


Premium, competition grade equipment for strength and conditioning


Proving a supportive community for all its clients, whatever its goal is

We believe in the values of

Excellence and Passion




Professionalism and Competence

Cutting Edge, yet sticks to the basics as foundation

What People Say

Kinetix Testimonials

“ Kinetix Lab has completely changed the way I exercise. The classes are great. The trainers and staff are super helpful. Plus the people I've met at the gym are amazing; I've made a ton of friends since I joined. You can't beat the atmosphere; it's simply the best gym in the city. ”

David M.
(Creative Director)

“ It is very convenient and all the equipment is great. I've joined another gym closer to home, but keep coming to Kinetix Lab several times a week because the staff is so friendly. “

Jen S.

“ The training is top notch; I've never seen better. Staff is extremely knowledgeable. ”

Lexter C.

Strength is a PROCESS!

A better and STRONGER version of YOU is underway.