About Kinetix Lab

Premium Strength and Conditioning Facility

Who We Are

We are Kinetix Lab Philippines

Kinetix Lab is a fitness training facility intent at making you STRONGER from all fronts. We believe that STRENGTH is the foundation on which all other aspects of physical fitness are rooted.

Hence, the stronger you are the more manageable it is to positively affect and improve body composition, general health and sports performance. Moreover, we are resolute with the fact that the physical strength that you develop within the walls of our facility also empowers YOU at the mental, emotional and psychological level.

Understand that we are driven by our passion for STRENGTH. We’ve personally experienced how getting stronger can change a person’s life. We know, feel and understand this process so well because we’ve been through it. To that fat kid who is working on losing weight to look and feel better, we are with you. To that mom who finds “me” time in exercising, we are with you. To that broken hearted dude who finds release in lifting weights, we are with you. To that aspiring professional athlete working on his or her game to make their dream come true, we are with you.

And finally, to you who is reading all of these and has no idea what we are talking about and yet feel that there is something special here, maybe, just maybe this is the place for you. The passion is there, it needs to be fed. It needs a place of its own. To that we say, we are here for you.

Our Mission

In Kinetix Lab, we are devoted to empowering people through exercise and sports.

We know that our training facility, strength and conditioning coaches, and exercise programs are but means to an end.

Through the development of physical strength and fitness, we believe that the values of patience, perseverance, and diligence, honed with the walls of our facility, have a significant carry-over towards character building of individuals.

The definitive expression of achieving our mission is seeing people physically, mentally and emotionally, capable of managing the complexities of modern life.


To get every Filipino interested in becoming stronger. To strive to be the better version of themselves daily.

Because when we are physically stronger – we move better, we think better, and we feel better.

Kinetix Lab believes in


Having Internationally qualified and accredited coaches


Premium, competition grade equipment for strength and conditioning


Proving a supportive community for all its clients, whatever its goal is

A message from one of the founders of Kinetix Lab

Strength is a PROCESS!

A better and STRONGER version of YOU is underway.