About Kinetix Lab

Premium Strength and Conditioning Facility

Who We Are

We are Kinetix Lab Philippines

Our Mission

Kinetix Lab is devoted in empowering people through exercise and sports. Our training facility, training template, and exercise programs are but means to an end. We believe that the values established within the walls out our facility, through the development of physical strength and fitness, have a significant carry-over towards character building. The definitive expression of our accomplishment is seeing people physically, mentally, and emotionally capable of managing the complexities of modern life.


Kinetix Lab is determined to be regarded as one of the top and most sought after fitness and performance centers in Manila, Philippines by 2020. This will come into fruition in due course by expanding to 5 fitness facilities in key locations within the next 3-5 years. The company hopes to achieve these goals by creating a progressive and fresh business model geared towards delivering premier products and services.

A message from one of the founders of Kinetix Lab

Strength is a PROCESS!

A better and STRONGER version of YOU is underway.