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Kinetix lab gym area

Given the complexity of the variables in training for strength, highly specialized equipment are a vital component in accomplishing desired physical effects. Power cages, Olympic bumper plates, calibrated weight plates, specialized training and competition bars, specialized selectorized and plate loaded machines are just amount the few tools that occupy the training area. Also, weight bearing floorings, weightlifting platforms, and artificial grass turf is strategically situated within the gym floor area to address a wider range of training protocols and of equal importance, to dampen impact from dropping loaded barbells.

The gym floor area is divided into four sections, which include the Functional area, the Free Weights area, the Group Exercise Studios, and the Strength Machines area. Each Area is Equipped with the necessary tools to address specific concerns pertaining to each individual’s fitness or athletic goals.

Functional Area

The Functional Area is a part of the gym floor area wherein dynamic movements, drills, and exercises are executed. Jumping, sprinting, plyometric drills, agility exercises loaded carries are just some of the activities that can be safely and efficiently be performed within this area.

Group Exercise Studio

Our Group Exercise Studios are designed to cater larger groups of people who desire to engage in more traditional group classes. This enclosed space is lined with Tara Flex floorings for additional force dampening during high-impact activities.

Free Weights Area

It is within this portion of the training facility that most of the work is done and it is also here where Kinetix Lab really stands out. Equipped with commercial and competition grade power cages and racks, specialized weightlifting bars, calibrated competition and training weight plates and specialized exercise equipment and machines, the free weights area is designed to address the training requirements of individuals with varying levels of fitness, from beginners to competitive athletes.

Machines Area

Located in this area are plate loaded or selectorized weight stack and cardio machines. The exercise equipment in this area are meant to compliment the training effect of the ones located in the Free Weights Area in terms of muscle emphasis, movement patterns and target energy systems. Utilizing these machines allows for exercising with minimal supervision.

Where we are located

Kinetix lab branches

We understand that everyone has different needs when it comes to tools that are applicable to their individual exercise and fitness goals.

Which is why Kinetix Lab is outfitted with the necessary equipment to allow the proper execution of any exercise program.

Quezon City

U.P. Town Center

Phase 1, Old Wing, Ayala Malls, Kinetix Lab, U.P. Town Center

Strong Stuff Training Hall by Polarity Physiotherapy

#47 Examiner St. Bgy West Triangle


The Podium

4th Floor, The Podium, Ortigas Business District, Mandaluyong


One Ayala

L3 Junior Anchor, One Ayala Mall, Ayala Avenue, Makati City

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