Our Founder’s Message

Why Kinetix Lab?

I was up late last night after a 13 hour work day. Anxiety levels are quite elevated the reason for which is because so much is happening all at the same time. I wasn’t tired. I was exhausted. Still, I couldn’t find it in myself to just lay on my bed and just doze off. So I picked up a book and decided to read a couple of pages. While I was reading, maybe inspired by the literature, it suddenly dawned to me that it’s just a couple of days before we open our second branch. Perhaps, the words wisdom, benevolence and courage included in the text of the book (the book by the way is Bushido: The Way of the Sword) resonated to me so such to an extent that it prompted the question “what the hell is Kinetix Lab?” and why am I and the people who are part of it putting so much into it. So much has transpired in the last three years or so. So much has changed. The business has changed. People came in and left. Some grew while others succumbed.

If you come to think of it, if you really dig deep, inside looking out, we are still the same. See, kinetix lab is so much more than the facility, business or even its people. You might say that I am overly romanticizing, to a certain degree maybe, but one has to at least see things from a different perspective to understand and better yet feel. The spirit that sustains the business, empowers its people and gives character to the facility was borne out of passion. A lust for life. A desire to face challenges head on.

One senses it. It engulfs you with hope then spits you out with a deep contempt for mediocrity. When you purposely put yourself through hardship inside the gym everything else outside of it becomes easy. The spirit that I am talking about here takes on different forms and manifest itself according to what a person really needs. Call it passion, vocation, aptitude or what not, I guess it really doesn’t matter just as long as it makes you a better physically, mentally and emotionally then the label becomes irrelevant. This spirit is inside of you. It’s inside all of us. We found it and it sustains us every day. I hope and pray that you also find it.

Kinetix Lab is not a multi-national brand. We don’t earn millions to put our executives on luxury vacations. We earn enough to put our children to school. We earn enough to feed our families. Believe me when I say there are far more “practical” ways to earn a living than going in to the gym business. However, no matter the odds and difficulties, we choose to do what we do because this is who we are. To deny who we are and what our spirit yearns to do is a disservice to God and the Gift.

We’ve personally experienced how getting stronger can change a person’s life. We know, feel and understand this process so well because we’ve been through it. To that fat kid who is working on losing weight to look and feel better, we are with you. To that mom who finds “me” time in exercising, we are with you. To that broken hearted dude who finds release in lifting weights, we are with you. To that aspiring professional athlete working on his or her game to make his or her dream come true, we are with you. And finally, to you who is reading all of these and has no idea what we are talking about and yet feel that there is something special here, maybe, just maybe this is the place for you. Perhaps, the reason you read this from start to finish is that your spirit is trying to tell you something. Your passion is there, it needs to be fed. It needs a place of its own. To that I say, we are here for you.

Yours in strength,

Coach Marlon
Managing Director/General Manager
Kinetix Lab

Strength is a PROCESS!

A better and STRONGER version of YOU is underway.